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How to Sell Vectorization Services as a Side Hustle

Are you looking for a side hustle to supplement your income? Do you want to create multiple revenue streams? Today I’m introducing you to your next possible side hustle: selling vectorization services.

If you don’t know what a vectorized image is, it’s a piece of art composed of points, lines, and curves that are developed by mathematical equations instead of pixels. Unlike a jpeg, which you’re probably more familiar with, a vectorized image will maintain its resolution no matter how zoomed in the image is. Many logos are actually vectorized images, so this is a great service to offer to small businesses.

This tutorial is also available on Tiktok. If you want to watch it, you can find it by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s get started. The client I’m using as an example needed to vectorize his logo so that he can put it on banners and business cards. His logo is shown below.

First, select the object selection tool on the left hand side. Then draw a bounded box around your object of choice. As you can see, my object happens to have shadows. I clicked on the quick selection tool to include the shadows in my selection.

To vectorize this logo, you first need to head over to Vector Magic ( Then, drag and drop your desired image.

What I like about Vector Magic is that you have full control over the colors you vectorize. Having full control makes it easier to limit the gradient to as few colors as possible, so that you can easily access them later.

After the file is downloaded, I typically spend about ten minutes fixing up the image and making final touches before sending it to the client.

In a few steps, you can vectorize an image and create a prosperous side hustle. Again, this is a great service to offer to small businesses to help get your name around. While using Vector Magic, I’ve gained a lot of clients from word-of-mouth references, as well as returning clients who come back repeatedly for my services. Although Vector Magic requires you to purchase a membership, I have always made my money back.

I hope you found this helpful! If you enjoyed this post, please check out my other posts and subscribe to my Tiktok at @Westlogo for more tutorials and tips.


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