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A properly developed messaging system defines the ways in which the brand “speaks” with the customer but it also captures the nuance with which it does it. 

As with a person, the “tone and voice”conveyed by a company defines how they are perceived. Remember, it’s about communicating clearly, with respect and with purpose, in every conversation and through every piece of communication.

Messaging defined: This process defines how the message is strategically crafted to attract a customer and encourage (and facilitate) further engagement. Messaging should be developed from various perspectives and for multiple purposes. Depending on the qualities of the brand, the structure, energy, and tempo of the brand message can (and should) vary dramatically and seek appropriate continuity and meaning with the target audience. Gucci, for example, is not the same as Home Depot and they shouldn’t sound the same. The magic is in how both brands, in their own way, moves the customer to choose, purchase, engage, and if the experience meets or exceeds expectation, to become a loyal repeat customer.

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