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Does our brand name reflect our purpose?

Is our name memorable? How are we known in the market and how do others, our competitors, for example, refer to us? What type of response does it elicit?

Naming defined: A brand name—much like the name of a person—is the unique identifying reference point for interacting with any brand. The naming process is based on strategic rationale rather than personal preference or emotion. The best brand names are memorable differentiators, designed to strengthen the brand position and resonate with customers.


We approach naming with an eye (and ear) on four general categories of names. Descriptive, Evocative, Invented and Experiential. We begin the brand naming process with an analysis of the competition and only then, move to better understand its potential position in the market.


From there, it’s about getting laser-focused on what the name should convey and how it should be expected to perform within the market. Sure, it’s about how it sounds, how it looks, how it compares to others in the space. But we also look for concise, memorable names that will stand the test of time; those that will live on in the mindset of the customer even as the market evolves and customer preferences change. Once a collection of suitable candidates meets these criteria and is ready for discussion, we work closely with the client to whittle that list down to a few that we’ll test and validate. Are they available legally to trademark. And as importantly, do they resonate?

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