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Brand Positioning


If your customer were to describe your brand in three words, what words would they choose? 

In Brand Positioning efforts, we ask:

  • How can we better understand the preferences of our customer and own a unique place in their lives?

  • How can we build deeper meaning and alignment with our brand? How can we employ brand strategy to further our business goals?

  • And most importantly: How is this positioning reflected in everything we produce, package and promote?

These are the key aspects of Brand Positioning and why staking out a claim to this desired position is critically important for the success of the brand.


Brand Positioning defined: Simply put, Brand Positioning serves as the central unifying idea to inform the work of teams across the organization. Internally, Brand Positioning answers the question: What makes us different? And further, it delves into what makes a brand favorable or credible. Within the market, Brand Positioning works to establish the unique brand impression that must clearly exist in the customer’s mind.

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