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Brand Attributes


Does your brand have a unique personality? 

Does your brand have a unique personality? If so, what are the contributing factors that have shaped that personality? Price? Functionality? Consistency? Value? Experience? Would your brand be considered approachable? Is it feminine? 

As a core component of Brand Positioning, Brand Attributes are important guideposts for customers and brand stewards alike. Why? Because these attributes are what makes a brand personal and unique in the customer’s mind. Special. And if the brand is special, the choice has been made. From here, and as a result of careful management, consistency, and reliability, brand loyalty is being established. This is when your customers become your most valuable ambassadors. They talk about your product and refer it. They trust it because they anticipate the qualities that the brand conveys and consistently delivers.

Brand Attributes defined: These are the touchstones that define the qualities of the brand. Often, an articulation of a brand’s current state and what it aims to be, Brand Attributes are beneficial in establishing the tone-of-voice to inform all communications and effectively guide internal culture.

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